Travel Guide : What to do in Puerto Galera?

Municipality of Puerto Galera in know for its wonderful beaches. Apart from the different water sports activities that you can during the day and booming night life after dark the island has more to offer. Here are some things that you can do.

Island Tour

There a lot of people around the beach for different tours. You can opt to go for an island tour for an amount of 1,500 pesos. This tour includes trip to Bayanan Beach, Sandbar island and Haligi Beach. if you want to go on snorkeling they can bring you to places via smaller that you can definitely enjoy under water scenery . Just be ready to pay extra 200 pesos per head.  Visiting the Coral Garden, Giant Clams and San Antonio Island underwater cave would cost additional 600 pesos. You can always talk to your tour guide and choose go for a package to get a lower rate specially if your are in a group.

  • Php 1,500.00 (Up to 18 person) Puerto Galera Island Hopping Tour Rates
  • Php 600.00 Small boat going to Coral Garden, Giant Clams and San Antonio Island underwater cave

Inland Tour

The inland tour includes Jeepney or Van, Entrance fees and tour guide. Through the inland tour you can see the Fantastic Views at Ponderosa, Tamaraw Falls and Aplayang Munti Beach.
If you are into extreme sports activities, you can opt to visit Extreme Sports Adventure Park. Choice of Fun Activities (Go Kart, Mud Kart, Paintball, etc.)

  • Php 1,500  Inland Tour
  • Php 500.00 per person/activityy at Adventure Park

Visit amazing Water Falls

There are a lot of water falls around Puerto Galera to explore such as Tamaraw falls, Aninuan Falls, Tukuran Falls, and Talipanan Falls. I’m sure that’s theres probably more that yet soon to be discover.


Another well know activity in Puerto Galera is Diving. There are a lot of diving centers around Puerto Galera. Some of them were Canyons, Shark Cave, Hole in the wall, Sabang Wrecks, Sinandigan Wall, West Escarceo, Monkey Beach, Kilima Steps, St. Christopher Wreck, Dungon Wall/ Twin Wreck, Fish Bowl, Lalaguna Point, Sabang Point, Pink Wall, Jap Wreck, Boulders, Dry Dock, The Atoll, Odies Wall, Batangas Channel, Manila Channel, Coral Garden, The Hill, Hibo Reef, Verde Island, Maricaban Island

  •  Puerto Galera Diving Rates Starts at Php 1,300.00 per person.

Hangout in the Beach

What’s the point of going to Puerto Galera if you won’t enjoy the sun and its white sand beaches. Just a warning, White beaches gets crowded during summer time and weekends, It also become noisy during the night because of the booming night life.

If you are a type of person who enjoys serenity and peace I would suggest to visit other white sand beaches around Puerto Galera. Apart from the famous White Beach, there are other  beautiful beaches that are less crowded such as Aninuan Beach, Palangan Beach, Talipanan Beach and there’s more. All you need to do is ask your tour guides or the locals.

Water Sports activities

A side from sun bathing and swimming, why get a little more adventurous? try the different water activities such as, snorkeling and fish feeding, Jetski, Sailing, Kayaking, Parasailing, Fly Board, banana boat, and so much more.

Enjoy Night life

There are different bars near the shore. In the morning they are restaurants where you can eat and during the night those restaurant turns into loud bars. You can enjoy the presentations for the fire dancers during weekends.

Buy Souvenirs

Before you head home don’t forget your love once. Buy something for you and for them. Souvenirs shop is all over the place. From key chains, Shirts, bags, lampshades and more. There is definitely a lot of choices.

Weekend getaway at Puerto Galera!

Had a chance to visit the amazing Puerto Galera this weekend with my friend Jen and her partner Daryl.

We took a bus bus from Cubao to Batangas Port via ALPS. The bus left before 6:00 AM and we arrived at Batangas Port before 8:00 AM.

From Batangas Port we took a ferry going to Muelle Pier via Minolo Shipping Lines. We chose Muelle since we have reservation ar De Luna Resort. From Muelle Pier a shuttle is waited for us and 

brought us to De Luna Resort.

When we got to De Luna Resort, we were disappointed because our contact person was not their. As per the staff she was in a conference and we can’t reach her because she keeps on declining our call. The staff were not a ware of our reservation. We stay about 15 mins and check out on the place before we then decided to just leave.

We took a tricycle going to White beach. The Tricycle driver drop us at White Beach Lodging and Restaurant. A courteous lady  (thought I forgot her name) welcomed us and asked us right away what we need.  She offered a place for us the room was bigger that what we supposed to have in De Luna Resort at lower rate. We then decided to get it. The place is just a few walks away from the beach. it was just perfect for me since it’s not too near the beach where there are a lot of bars and noise during the night.

Since it is a weekend we were expecting the beach to be very crowded. Good thing is that we arrived early. We had time to enjoy the beach before it gets polluted by people. 

We explore the place and decided to rest in the afternoon. We watch the performances of Fire Dancers at night and  bought some souvenirs.

It was quite a tiring day so we decided to sleep early and to wake wake up early the following day for hour beach hopping activities.

Aside from swimming and night life there are a lot of things to do in Puerto Galera. Check out my other blog post. What to do in Puerto Galera?

We had island hopping and beach hopping the following day before we live the island by 1:00 PM. We were not able to confirm our departure a head of time good thing that there was still available slot for the three of us.

if you want to visit this awesome place working on a budget, specially to DIY travelers you may contactkuya Dekfin for assistance. He can help you find an affordable place to stay and make arrangements with the tour that you prefer.

Contact kuya Delfin Balabat at 09751188299

Disclaimer : Images of ALPS bus  and MB Golden Condor were imported from the following sources ALPS Facebook PageMinolo Shipping Lines webiste.

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Travel Guide : How to commute going to Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro



First ride a bus going to Batangas port. Travel time will take you more or less 2 hours. Air-conditioned buses cost less than 200 pesos. From Manila just go to the following terminals:

  1. Bus Terminals near the corner of Taft Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly Buendia), Pasay City – nearest the Airport.
  2. Bus Terminal near Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.
  3. Bus Terminal in EDSA corner Kamias Street, Quezon City.
  4. Bus Terminal in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
There are different Bus lines that can bring you to Batangas port such as ALPS, JAM, Goldstar Bus (formerly Cerres) and DLTB.
Upon arrival to Batangas Port, proceed to Terminal 3 where you can buy your tickets going to Puerto galera.
Puerto Galera has 4 major points of entry, namely, Sabang Pier, Muelle Pier, Balatero Pier and White Beach. If you have hotel reservation please asked your hotel to which ferry you should take to go directly there.
There are many shipping companies plying the Batangas-Puerto Galera route. The major passenger ferries are: FSL or Father and Son Shipping Lines, MSL or Minolo Shipping Lines and Challenge and Passion Shipping Lines.
The maximum capacity of an outrigger ferry is from 60 up to 150 passengers. The ticket costs 250 to 280 pesos, one-way. I highly suggest that you buy a round trip tickets to save yourself from any inconvenience and hassle.
The first trip of ferries from Batangas port is 7:30 AM and the last trip is 4:30 PM or 5:00 Pm during pick season.
Please note that on top of the ferry fare, each tourist is required to pay the following:
  • Batangas Pier Terminal Fee = 30.00 pesos
  • Environmental Users Fee = 50.00 pesos
  • Puerto Galera Exit Fee = 10.00 pesos
  • For Tourist exiting from Sabang Pier, Security Fee = 20.00 pesos
Once you arrive to Puerto Galera don’t forget to confirm your return tickets as early as possible if you have a round trip tickets..