Guide to Biking NYC’s Central Park

New York is a busy, bustling city with a life all its own. It’s no surprise that, along with its incredible and diverse population, traffic is a real issue. As such, women’s and mens bicycles have become a prevalent sight to New York natives and visitors alike.

Taking a ride around The City is a practical way to get around, but for those looking for some fun, excitement and scenery a trip around Central Park is an excellent option. Here are a few rules to remember before deciding to take a leisurely ride and soak in the New York City flavor!

sixthreezero Ride in the Park Men's 7 Speed Touring City Bike with Rear Rack

Citi Bikes

The city of New York understands it has traffic issues and has welcomed the advent of bike riding with open arms. Opening in 2013 with over 6,000 bicycles, Citi Bike offers one-way bike rentals across the entire metropolitan area. In addition, there are several stations along Central Park routes.

For those looking to experiment with riding through the park, Citi Bike is an excellent opportunity to test the waters. The benefit of ending your ride prematurely because you’re tired or simply want to explore can’t be overstated since riders are able to drop off their rented bike at the many kiosks along the trails.

Types Matter

Those new to riding might not understand the nuance of different bicycle types. Not all are made for casual trips around the park. Some excellent options for relaxed riders are as follows:

  • Touring bikes
  • “Standard” road bikes
  • Adventure road bikes
  • Folding-Frames
  • City bikes
  • Adult tricycles

Shy away from BMX or racing bikes, as these are mainly geared towards those looking for speed over comfort. Those listed are some of the best city bikes available, letting you really enjoy your trip.

Safety First

While there is no actual law stipulating that adults must wear a helmet in the city limits, it’s a good rule none the less. Children under 14 are required to be helmeted, though, providing you an excellent excuse to put one on yourself and set a good example. Riders also need unobstructed hearing, meaning they can only have one earbud in at a time.

In New York City, sidewalks are for pedestrians only, and specialized recreation lanes are only available when traffic is allowed in the park. Cyclists must traverse the park in a counter-clockwise direction, keeping the traffic flowing one way and ensure pedestrians (who always have the right of way) know from which direction to expect speeding cyclists!

Tour de Force

An excellent way for new riders to familiarize themselves with the park is to opt for a bike tour. As a group, you can enjoy checking out the major sites and scope out paths you might want to explore in the future.

Many of these tours revolve around bike rentals, which provides suitable bikes for women and men. Don’t hesitate to try out this resource to get a feel for the lifestyle.

If you’re interested in moving forward with biking around The City and Central Park specifically, look online for great deals on the type of bike you’ll need. It’s a great way to have fun while doing something for your health, wallet and environment too!

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