Our Lady of The Pillar Parish

Our Lady of The Pillar Parish is a Roman Catholic Church located at Poblacion in the town of Alaminos,Laguna

The church of Alaminos was built in the far end of the Hacienda de Calauan, an estate owned by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, Spanish Navigator and Governor of Manila. After his death, the hacienda was bequeathed to Juan de Salcedo, his grandson.

The Parish was founded in 1815 then known as “Paroqquia de Alaminos” with St. Joachim, Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary as its patron. This is the reason why the image of St. Joachim can still be seen in the facade of the church.

The old retablo of the church was made of wood and was rendered in gothic architecture. It housed the image of Our Lady of the Pillar, St. Joachim, and the images of the hearts of Jesus and Mary. At its center was a silver tabernacle. In the 1960s, the church was renovated and had a modern altar in marble. In 1997, the altar was again renovated, this time in baroque architecture, this was blessed by Msgr. Francisco C. San Diego, Bishop of the Diocese of San Pablo in October 1998. Through the years, the church has undergone repairs and extensions to accommodate the number the growing population of the parish.

The church compound also houses a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, the Parish Office, a Rectory, and several meeting halls.

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