Reality of Piso Fare!

Piso fares are real!

Airlines do provide promotions that allow you travel with a huge discount and on a cheap price. Because of limited availability of the seats and technical issues website and internet connection) you really have to have a lot of patience and smart enough to know the “hows” to get one. Here are a few tips to get book you promo flight successfully.F

1. Follow airlines’ on their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and subscribe to for news letters via email.

  • They announce their promo fares ahead of time. You can easily spot them if you are following their social media account.

2. Sign up for an account before the sale.

  • This will save you a lot of time and hassle typing your personal information.
  • By registring for an account viaGetGo for Cebu Pacific Air, AirAsia BIG for AirAsia, and Mabuhay Milesfor Philippine Airlines you can also get sales EXCLUSIVELY for their members.

3. Get your Cards or PayPal account ready.

  • Even though airlines now accept non-bank partners to accept your cash payment it is still more faster and more convenient to use a card. Not all promo fairs can be book using non-bank partners some are exclusively for card holders.
  • Not all of us have credit card. But good thing is that airline also now accept debit card particularly VISA and MASTERCARD debit cards.
  • I personally don’t store my card information on websites and an alternate for that is through PayPal

4. 12:00am mark

  • Seat Sale starts at 12:00 midnight, be sure to be fast and quick. There is a bigger chance for you to get a seat on the first hour.
  • Book on the first day of Sale. Again seat sale had limited slots. Airlines don’t disclose the number of sales available and most of the time they distribute it through the promo period. the earlier you book the bigger chance to get a promo seat.
  • Once you found a destination and a date with a cheap fare book it right away and don’t hesitate nor think twice because it can be taken from you in just a second.

5. Use gateway destinations and Off-peak dates

  • Davao, Cebu, Bohol and Palawan seem to be the most loved destinations and they can be “sold out’ in just a snap.
  • Try not so common destinations that can bring you to place that you want to go. Like Dumaguete can be your gate way to the Island of Negros, Siquijo and Cebu.
  • Weekend “sold out fast” do consider other weekdays or the off-peak season.

6. Small Batches

  • If you have companion make sure book them in small batches. If it’s more than two people consider booking them separately.
  • Make sure to be ready with your companions personal information
  • Full name (including middle name and as written on passport)
  • Birth date
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Passport Number (some airlines require this)
  • Passport Expiry Date (some airlines require this)

Additional Information :

  • First-time Users – If you are a bit “techcy” try using VPN of proxy servers. Concealing or changing your location can add to your change of booking a promo seat since these airlines usually offers the seat sale to first-time user.
  • Travel Expo & Conventions – If you are based in Manila, make sure to watchout for big travel expo & conventions happening in the metro. Cebu Pacific along with other major airlines might have discount tickets exclusive to those attending.
  • Read promo details & conditions carefully – Be mindful of important details posted on the announcement, especially the sale period and travel period. You should book your flights before the end of the selling period.
  • “all-in” fares – This means that it already includes the base fare, airport fees, and government taxes.

Local Airlines Websites

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