Travel Guide : Borawan Island, Quezon Province

Located in Padre Burgos , Quezon Province. Four to five hours away from the busy Manila. Borawan used to be Quezon’s best-kept secret but not anymore since it was discovered. The place is blessed with beautiful rock formations, azure water and white sand. There is no special with the sand since it isn’t fine just like other popular beach, though it is not black. Don’t expect too much about this place. It may not be as fascinating as Boracay, Palawan nor Calaguas, Borawan still have charm of his own. Enough reason for you say that the long drive is worth it.

It was the start of Ber months when I went there with Team Yapak, Sep 1 & 2 2018 to be exact. We were the only people who were there that made us enjoy the whole place.

How to commute going to Borawan?

1. Take a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal (3-4 hours)
2. Take another bus to Unisan (45-75 minutes). Get off at QCRB Bank in Padre Burgos
3. Take a trike to Aplaya (15 minutes). You’ll find tour boats here that will take you to the Island. Boat ride is just 15 mins.

Fees and Accommodation

Station 1 & 2
Entrance Fee :
P220/pax Overnight
P150/pax Day Tour

Students & Senior
P180/pax Overnight
P120/pax Day Tour

Cottage :
P1,250 Overnight
P850 Day Tour
(Good for 10 to 15 pax)

Tent Rental :
P500 Overnight
(Good for 2 to 3 pax)

*Guests can bring food in Stations 1 & 2

Station 3
*Entrance Fee is INCLUSIVE for Station 3

Rooms (airconditioned):
P4,800 Overnight
(Room good for 4 pax)
P3,500 Overnight
(Room good for 2 pax)

BEACH HOUSE (airconditioned):
P8,000 Overnight
(Good for 8 pax)

Tent with Cushions :

*Food not allowed in Station 3 (except chips)

Things to Remember :

1. Jellyfish has been reported to abound in the area so you might want to ask your contact (boatman, tour operator) if it’s a good time to swim. I haven’t seen one though during our visit.
2. Bring enough cash for your trip, especially small bills to pay for boat rentals, motorcycle taxi and items bought at stores. Yes there is a sari-sari store in the island and items are pricey.
3. Bring extra batteries or a battery pack for your gadgets.**
4. Bring your own flashlight for going to and from the toilet at night. Generator is available that is used for lightning during the night.**
5. Bring your own tent. Rentals are also available.
6. Bring your own food and water.**

**not applicable for station 3

Sunset view in Borawan Island.

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