TRAVEL GUIDE : Cagbalete Island, Mauban Quezon

How to get to Cagbalete

A. Commute via Bus

1. Take a Bus from Manila to Lucena Grand Central  Terminal

Buses bound to Lucena Quezon can be found in terminals in Kamias, Cubao, Alabang or Buendia. Jac Liner, Jam Transit, Lucena Liner and Ceres Transport have buses bound to Lucena Grand Central  Terminal. Buses leave almost every hour every day.

2.Take a Bus from Lucena Grand Central  Terminal to Mauban

TheLast trip of Van or local bus to Mauban is at around 6PM. Vans and air-con buses to Mauban are also located in SM City Lucena with trip up to 9PM. Travel time is roughly 2 hours.

B. Private Car

Pass through SLEX until reaching the Calamba Exit, then follow the road that leads to Los Banos, Laguna. Just follow the National Highway passing through Pila, Santa Cruz and Luisiana.

Before you reach Lucban, you will encounter two separate roads, one is bound to Lucban town proper and the other one is going to Mauban. Of course, take the road going to Mauban. The port of Mauban is just another 30 minute ride. Just ask around the local, in case you need assistance.
Boat ride from Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island

When you get to Mauban take a short walk going to the port where passenger boats to Cagbalete Island are stationed. Trips are scheduled at  10AM and 4PM daily, for P100 per person. The boats can ferry around 50-60 people. They usually drop off passengers at “Sabang”. You can also arrange a private boat through your resort, specially if you are with a group. Rate starts at P4,000 two-way (Mauban-Cagbalete-Mauban) and can ferry up to 25 people. Boat ride will take about 45 mins.

What to do in Cagbalete?

Swimming – This is best yo do in the morning when there is enought water.

Beach bumming – Sit, relax and simply enjoy the view.

Snorkeling – Asked your boatman where is the best spot to go on snorkeling. They can bring you there for a minimal fee.

Bird watching – During low tide, there are lots of birds searching for food at some parts of the beach.

Beach Volleyball – There are nets available and you can borrow volleyball.

Frisbee – This is another nice sport to try since the beach is wide and you can run around.

Visit sandbars – This is must when you’re in Cagbalete. Its sandbars in the afternoon is just awesome.

Visit Bonsai Island – There’s a lot of small trees in Cagbalete. It took time for me to realize that those are actually Bonsai.

Visit the lighthose in Baliscar Island – This is part of the itinerary when you hire a boat to explore the Cagbalete and nearby islands.


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