Mt. Balingkilat, the “Mountain of Thunder”

Mt. Balingkilat, literally the “Mountain of Thunder” an 1100 MASL and one of the highest peaks in the Zambales Coastal Mountains and Coves area. An emerging hiking hotspot within San Antonio and Subic towns. 

Balingkilat is rocky, grassy, and windy. There is little tree cover. There are steep parts in the final legs of the trail which give additional challenge to the hikers. But all your hard word will all worth it once you get to the top. The views ais totally  refreshing. you will see the Subic Bay coastline and the neighboring mountains such as Mt. Cinco Picos.

How to get to Mt. balingkinitan

  1. Take a bus from Manila to Olongapo. Victory Liner has terminal is Pasay, Cubao and Caloocan.
  2. From Olongapo take a jeep going to Subic Municipal Hall.
  3. Take a a tricycle going to Sitio Cawag.
  4. After toy trek you have different other options where you want to go. To get back to Manila or other destination, just go back to Olongapo where you can take a bus going to your next next destination.


  1. Before going to any trek or hike make sure to research.
  2. Wear proper attire and gears (it doesn’t have to be expensive).
  3. Book your tickets a day before your trip.
  4. bring at least 4 litters of water or more.
  5. Leave no trace principle.
  6. Send your letter of intent to Sitio Cawag officials prior to the climb.
  7. Please your self physically and mentally prior to your climb.
  8. Enjoy !

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