Why do I travel alone or at least join a tour as a joiner?

Solo travel is not for everyone. But I don’t want to wait for people and hold back from going places and enjoy what life has to offer. I used to wait for my friends then start planning as a group then when the time is near everyone would just back out. It was just a … Continue reading Why do I travel alone or at least join a tour as a joiner?

Calaguas Resback Escapade!

After three failed attempts finally I was able to experience this beautiful island. You've read it right! I had three failed attempts just as what I have written in my previous post "Misadventure but not a Misfortune", but nevertheless it was all worth it. I traveled with my previous group that we called  the "Calaguas … Continue reading Calaguas Resback Escapade!

Travel Guide : Experience Calaguas (Mahabang Buhangin)!

There are a lot of travel and tour organizers offering Calaguas tours now a days that can easily bring you to this wonderful island with less stress and hassle. However there are still people who prefer a DIY (Do It Yourself) travel specially those who love to travel alone and more adventurous. For those people … Continue reading Travel Guide : Experience Calaguas (Mahabang Buhangin)!