Mt. Batulao Conquered!

I am not new with hiking and nature. I’ve been exposed into nature trips, hiking, camping and more as early as 6 years old. But after few years I become busy a lot of things and wasn’t able to give time with this passion. Finally after a decade I had a chance to do one of activities that I love – hiking! Through my Office mate Jann I was invited to join their climb with Trail Warriors and without any hesitate I immediately said YES! I haven’t had any hiking activity for a long time and less exercise but it didn’t stopped me from pursuing my passion for hiking. Then Nov. 5 2016 came and that passion was fulfilled again.

We went to Mount Batulao and conquer it. It was tiring and I will eventually get body pains but everything is worth it. Because more than the tired feet and body pains I brought home in my heart the peace that the nature brings. the joy for fulfilling my passion and meeting new people. the fulfillment and satisfaction for conquering my fears and I also took home the thought that there is no mountain to tall that I cannot be conquered . I have proven to myself that I can still do a lot of things even with my current situation right now.



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